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Turbo compressor with gas bearings

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0 to 1 million rpm


Launch of turbo compressors with gas bearings

Celeroton AG, the leading manufacturer of ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems with speeds up to 1 million rpm, ...

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The basis for tomorrow’s vacuum cleaners – Celeroton’s highly compact turbo compressors

Are you looking for a compressor to meet new design requirements for your next generation of vacuum cleaners?

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Turbo compressors for fuel cell vehicles

The Swiss fuel cell company Swiss Hydrogen is already using the Celeroton air bearing turbo compressor CT-17.1000.GB ...

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Design, commissioning and testing of gas bearing turbo compressors with gases other than air

Turbo compressors with gas bearings are not only used for the compression of air with 1 bar ambient pressure, but also ...

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NEPCON JAPAN, 18 - 20 January 2017

We are looking forward to meet you at NEPCON JAPAN.

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FC EXPO Tokyo, 01 - 03 March 2017

We are looking forward to meet you at the 13th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo.

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