Our Products

Highest power density, efficiency and flexibility

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors for outstanding solutions

Sensorless control – from
0 to 1 million rpm


The basis for tomorrow’s vacuum cleaners – Celeroton’s highly compact turbo compressors

Are you looking for a compressor to meet new design requirements for your next generation of vacuum cleaners?

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New Converter CC-230-3500

With the newly designed converter CC-230-3500 Celeroton extends its product portfolio with a highly compact, ...

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Is an ultra-high-speed turbo compressor the right compressor for your application?

"The technical application is defined, the pressure rise and the mass flow are determined, but which compressor type is ...

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Product & technology overview of Celeroton

Speed, torque, power, mass flow, volume flow, pressure ratio or pressure difference - absolute or relative? These are ...

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SPS IPC Drives, 22 - 24 November 2016

Also in 2016 Celeroton will be present at the leading Automation Fair in Nuremberg.

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