New Magnetic Bearing Controller with Precision Control

21. June 2017

The new Magnetic Bearing Controller, CC-AMB-1500, is the perfect fit for Celeroton’s high-speed magnetic bearing motors. Thanks to the integration of the bearing and drive control, the compact controller is ideally suited to drive various high speed, high precision motor applications.

CC-AMB-1500The magnetic bearing controller, CC-AMB-1500, has in the same unit a 800W motor converter, 2 radial bearing controllers each rated at 180 VA and an 340 VA axial bearing controller. With this controller a magnetic bearing motor, for example our CM-AMB-400, can be operated up to 400,000 rpm. Thanks to the unique design it is possible to drive custom designed magnetic bearing motors at maximum speed, for example in optical systems such as beam choppers, rotating mirrors, prisms or flywheels.

Celeroton’s well proven interface concept of RS-232/485, USB and CAN allows direct communication with the majority of master controllers. The magnetic bearing controller has a wide input voltage range, multiple digital and analogue in- and outputs (allowing for the connection of sensors), and an interface for a high resolution encoder.

Do you want to test the CC-AMB-1500 in your company? Do you need a magnetic bearing system for a special application? Contact us for a personal consultation about your requirements at infocelerotoncom or call us on +41 44 250 52 20.

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