The basis for tomorrow’s vacuum cleaners – Celeroton’s highly compact turbo compressors

16. February 2016

Are you looking for a compressor to meet new design requirements for your next generation of vacuum cleaners?

CT-14-1000 im Staubsauger Following ecodesign principles, the new EU regulation 666/2013 (see textbox below) introduces stringent requirements for rated input power, dust pickup, maximum sound power level and motor life. This means that efficiency needs to be increased to achieve the same suction power as current models but with a lower power input. Celeroton’s compact compressor, CT-14-1000, can help you meet these new regulations. 

CT-14-1000The Celeroton CT-14-1000 is a high speed turbo compressor with high suction power combined with low input power and small system dimensions. The efficiency of the compressor and motor reaches up to 65% and has an impressive rotational speed of 200,000 rpm. For the full technical specifications see our datasheet. Celeroton’s compact turbo compressors are also suitable for applications in the food, packaging or semiconductor industry, or other applications requiring a vacuum or pressure source.

Looking for the technological edge for your next generation of vacuum cleaners? Or do you have another technical application that requires vacuum or pressure? Contact us for a personal consultation about your requirements at infocelerotoncom or +41 44 250 52 20.

Summary EU 666/2013 Regulation

From September 2014
- Rated input power: below 1,600 watt
- Power consumption per average household: less than 62 kWh/year
- Dust pick up on hard floor: at least 95 percent
- Dust pick up on carpet: at least 70 percent

From September 2017
- Rated input power: below 900 watt
- Power consumption per average household: less than 43 kWh/year
- Maximum sound power level: less than 80dB(A)
- Dust pick up on hard floor: at least 98 percent
- Dust pick up on carpet: at least 75 percent
- Dust re-emission: less than 1 percent
- Motor lifetime: more than 500 hours
- Hose durability: 40,000 oscillations under strain

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