Compact, efficient and oil-free turbo compressor systems

We reduce volume and weight with high rotational speed. Celeroton is the world’s leading supplier of gas-bearing turbo compressors. We are a system provider for compressors including converters for fuel cells, noble gas recirculation and compression, gas recovery, pneumatics, cryogenics, clean/sterile air supply and other industrial applications.

Vibration resistant
Service life
Temperature resistant
Compressor-converter system
Patented technology
Sensorless control

Turbo compressors with gas bearings

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors with contact-free and oil-free gas bearing enable outstanding solutions in terms of compactness, service life and performance. Compared to compressors with standard speeds, our systems are significantly lighter and smaller as well as highly efficient and quiet.

  • Oil-free, contact-free bearing
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Highest performance
  • Suitable for air, noble and inert gases and many other gases
  • Custom adaptations possible

Converters for sensorless control

All our converters allow for sensorless control of turbo compressors and motors up to highest speeds. The solution from one single source guarantees optimal compatibility of the converters and the turbo compressors and motors, thus minimizing losses in the turbo compressor or motor and ensuring high converter efficiency and a smooth startup process.

  • Sensorless control for highly dynamic speed adjustment
  • Minimal losses in the converter, turbo compressor and motor
  • Smooth startup process
  • Gas bearing diagnostics
  • Custom adaptations possible

Ultra-high-speed motors

Thanks to their high rotational speeds, our motors enable high performance at the smallest volume and weight. This is enabled by rotor designs, windings, materials and proprietary design tools specifically optimized for highest rotational speeds.

  • Highest power density
  • Highest speed
  • Highest efficiency
  • Low volume and weight

Magnetic-bearing choppers

Our magnetic-bearing choppers can be operated in a vacuum, in air or in a noble gas atmosphere. This allows us to achieve maximum speeds and chopper frequencies. They are used in infrared, laser and X-ray applications and offer highly stable speed control and lock-in functionality.

  • Maximum speed stability
  • Operation in vacuum
  • Minimal vibration emission
  • Maintenance-free
  • Custom specific chopper discs and mirror rotors

Specific gas, pressure ratio or electrical interface?

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Specific gas, pressure ratio or electrical interface?
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Turbo compressors for the industry

Optical systems and beamlines

Optical systems and beamlines

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Fuel cells

Fuel cells

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Sterile air

Sterile air

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System expertise

Combination of interdisciplinary technologies into optimized turbo compressor system. This guarantees a system out of one hand with matched components, in particular converter and compressor.

Gas bearing

Oil and maintenance-free operation at highest speeds thanks to a rotor floating on a gas film generated by the rotation of the shaft. Resistant to shocks and vibrations.


Transfer of mechanical shaft power to the fluid with radial turbo compressor technology. No pressure fluctuations and a constant mass flow with maximum efficiency.

Electric motor

Permanent magnet synchronous machine technology, providing the required shaft power with minimal copper, iron and rotor losses. Designed for mechanical and rotor dynamic integration with the ultra-high-speed rotor-bearing system. Optimized for series production.

Rotor dynamics

Rotor dynamic design and balancing procedures. Theoretical and practical innovation, knowhow and experience in high-speed operation combined at its best.

Thermal design

The more compact the system, the higher the losses per volume and the bigger the challenge for thermal design and cooling.

Structural mechanics

Reduction of mechanical stresses with optimized geometries and materials. Consideration of manufacturing tolerances and temperature range.

Power electronics

High power density and low losses in converters and motors thanks to a system design and the right choice of topology and modulation methods.

Control systems and software

Communication with the user, control of power electronics, motor and compressor – and protection of these components through monitoring and diagnostics.


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