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What we do

Fast, faster, Celeroton! We develop, produce and sell ultra-high-speed electric motor-drive systems and turbo compressors, achieving speeds up to 1 million rpm. With speed we reduce volume and weight.

We offer complete solutions consisting of motors with optimized converters and turbo compressors. Our solutions achieve the maximum operating efficiency for your application. Sensorless speed control is one of our key technologies. With our converters we drive your motor, spindle or test stand with full torque, from standstill to maximum speed, all without speed sensors.

Our services comprise of:


Motors, Compressors, Converters – Celeroton delivers its own innovative products. Our range of products is continuously growing.

Customized Systems

Many applications in this highly specialized field have unique requirements, which cannot be met by standard products. Our highly skilled interdisciplinary team develops, together with the customer, an appropriate solution. Either by modifying our standard products or by developing a new solution based on high-speed technology.
Motors, motor assemblies, converters, turbo compressors or complete systems – our team customizes to your requirements.

Engineering Projects

Electrical engineering, mechatronics, control systems, motor dimensioning – our know-how is interdisciplinary. Are you faced with a technical challenge in the field of electric motor-drives? Celeroton is on hand with help and advice.

Celeroton's Products

Who we are

Celeroton AG is a Swiss high-tech business based in Volketswil on the outskirts of Zurich. Celeroton was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory (PES) at ETH Zurich. Today, Celeroton employs more than 30 staff and sells its high-tech products in Europe and internationally.