Demonstration of magnetic bearing chopper operation

01. November 2021

The magnetic bearing motor CM-AMB-400 with a chopper rotor is demonstrated in the video below. A laser beam (generated by a FP-Mini-520 from Laser Components) is cropped by a precision pinhole with an opening of 500 µm, then passes through the chopper and detected by a photodiode (ODD-1WB by Opto Diode). The current of the photodiode is amplified by a transimpedance amplifier and made visible with a digital oscilloscope.

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Turbo compressors for operation at high-altitude

17. March 2021

How nice it would be to drive a fuel cell vehicle through the mountains and over a pass emission-free and to enjoy the scenery? This is now possible with Celeroton's CT-2X series of turbo compressors with gas bearings!

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Use of turbo compressors with air bearings for sterile air generation increases service life, reduces operating costs, and assembly space

02. February 2021

The availability of sterile air is essential for many industries, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry, or bioprocessing. Today we use mobile or stationary sterile air generators in any application that requires air to be free of germs, pyrogens, endotoxins, and commonly bio burdens. These generators use a multi-stage filtration process to produce sterile air from contaminated ambient air.

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Quo vadis?

27. January 2021

The Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme aims to help innovative SMEs with strong growth potential in international markets. Celeroton started its SME Instrument Phase 2 project in June 2019. It involves taking the last technological and commercial steps to introduce Celeroton’s unique turbo compressor systems as the key technology for oxygen supply in the fuel cell market for vehicles.

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Combining electronics and a turbo compressor in one device - the new CTi-17-700/1000.GB

08. September 2020

Electrification in various industries, especially in mobile applications and vehicles, is more and more driven by hydrogen fuel cell systems. Celeroton’s latest achievement helps to further reduce the size of the fuel cell system and simplify the integration of the compressor into the balance of plant, and, therefore, supporting the worldwide trend. Combining the power, control and communication electronics and turbo compressor into one device becomes increasingly crucial for applications with limited space.

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Advantages of Celeroton oil-free helium compressors

24. August 2020

With its 100% oil-free and gas-tight design, the Celeroton CT-NG-2000 compressor for Helium is the ideal solution for applications requiring low-pressure helium and other inert gas recirculation.

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Significant energy savings for workpiece cleaning in machine processing thanks to small turbo compressors

10. August 2020

Electrical energy consumption cannot be neglected as part of the cost in production. In the years to come, this trend will escalate affecting nearly all industries.

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Turbo compressors for noble and inert gas applications

23. April 2020

With the launch of the turbo compressor series CT-NG, Celeroton is further extending its product portfolio of ultra-high-speed, gas bearing turbo compressors with a turbo compressor specifically optimized for noble and inert gases. As a first variant of the turbo compressor series, the CT-NG-2000 is available for 100% oil-free compression of helium.

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Recirculation of noble or inert gases

21. April 2020

Noble or inert gas recirculation is used for various processes, such as cooling of sensitive equipment in physical experiments, semiconductor production equipment, additive manufacturing or in laser sources. These applications have large differences in the required pressure ratios and mass flows.

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New CT-2X series

12. February 2020

Celeroton presents the new CT-2X turbo compressor series with air bearings in order to meet the increased market demand for higher mass flow and pressure ratios. The CT-2X consumes the lowest available space, offers a long lifetime, oil-free operation, lowest weight and an optimized cost on the market.

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High-speed magnetic bearing chopper for infrared nanospectroscopy

Infrared (IR) nanospectroscopy is a non-destructive method for the analysis of molecular structures below the ...

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Design of ultra-high speed optical beam chopper rotors

High-speed beam choppers usually require a fast circumferential and rotational speed and vacuum operation, for which ...

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