Celeroton receives funding from EU Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2 program

23. May 2019

Celeroton was awarded a phase 2 project from the highly competitive EU Horizon 2020 SME instrument program. The grant will be used to take the last technical and commercial steps to introduce our unique turbo compressor systems as the key technology for oxygen supply in the fuel cell vehicle market.

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New 7.5 kW fuel cell converter

25. January 2019

Upgrade: Our new fuel cell converter CC-550-7500 offers even more power. Through continuing development of the Celeroton technology, the drive power is increased from 5 to 7.5 kW while keeping the price stable.

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New project funded by European Space Agency

24. October 2018

Celeroton granted ESA funding to develop a breadboard and engineering model of a turbo compressor for satellite thermal control based on a heat pump system.

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Celeroton oil-free compressor CT-17-1000.GB in a maritime fuel cell application

06. March 2018

Michelin Recherche et Technique beside other project partners is a technology provider for alternative propelled boats. With the project Yelo H2 a maritime demonstrator boat - with the purpose of validating hydrogen technology in maritime applications - has been built. The boat, called “Galilée”, was put into operation in October 2017 and connects the marina of the city of La Rochelle with its city center. For the realization of the fuel cell system Michelin found in Celeroton a partner, which can provide an oil free compressor for the supply of air to the fuel cell.

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New 5 kW fuel cell converter

30. October 2017

Back to Basics: Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with a new 5 kW power class.

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New reaction wheel concept

16. October 2017

Honorable mention of the new reaction wheel concept for small satellites developed by Celeroton and researchers from ETH Zurich (Power Electronic Systems Laboratory) in the Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest 2017.

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New Magnetic Bearing Controller with Precision Control

21. June 2017

The new Magnetic Bearing Controller, CC-AMB-1500, is the perfect fit for Celeroton’s high-speed magnetic bearing motors. Thanks to the integration of the bearing and drive control, the compact controller is ideally suited to drive various high speed, high precision motor applications.

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Celeroton receives funding from SERI within a Horizon 2020 project

08. February 2017

Celeroton receives funding, within the scope of the European Horizon 2020 framework programme, from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) for the design and realisation of a gas bearing turbo compressor for use in a 100 kW fuel cell system. Volvo Car Group will integrate and test the system.

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Launch of turbo compressors with gas bearings

20. September 2016

Celeroton AG, the leading manufacturer of ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems with speeds up to 1 million rpm, launches its first turbo compressors with gas bearings – unique in their weight and performance, being wear- and oil-free, and obtaining the highest levels of energy efficiency.

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The basis for tomorrow’s vacuum cleaners – Celeroton’s highly compact turbo compressors

16. February 2016

Are you looking for a compressor to meet new design requirements for your next generation of vacuum cleaners?

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Centrifugal compressors for refrigerants

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Novel High-Speed Turbo Compressor With Integrated Inverter for Fuel Cell Air Supply

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