The basis for tomorrow’s vacuum cleaners – Celeroton’s highly compact turbo compressors

16. February 2016

Are you looking for a compressor to meet new design requirements for your next generation of vacuum cleaners?

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New Converter CC-230-3500

31. October 2015

With the newly designed converter CC-230-3500 Celeroton extends its product portfolio with a highly compact, grid-connected converter with an active input-stage (PFC) and a maximal output voltage of 400 V. This is achieved at an output power of 3.5 kW and an output current of 15 Arms.

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New permanent-magnet motor from Celeroton

11. June 2015

The Celeroton CM series is being expanded with a new permanent-magnet motor, CM-25-280, which provides power up to 1,000 W at 280,000 rpm.

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New headquarters since end of March 2015

05. May 2015

Celeroton has moved its headquarters from Technopark Zurich around 15 kilometres eastward to Volketswil.

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Product Launch CM-AMB-400

07. April 2015

With the new CM-AMB-400 Celeroton enlarges its product portfolio with the first high-speed active magnetic bearing motor for direct drive of applications with speeds up to 400,000 rpm.

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New distribution partner for Germany and Austria

10. December 2014

Celeroton AG is proud to announce a new, strong distribution partner: MACCON GmbH. Thereby the leading manufacturer of ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems with speeds up to 1 million rpm gains a strong distribution partner for drive technologies for industrial applications as well as for aerospace in Germany and Austria and hence expands its distribution network.

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SPS IPC Drives 2014 – THANK YOU for your visit

08. December 2014

A new booth and a number of new products – the SPS IPC Drives 2014 which took place from 25 to 27 November in Nuremberg was a complete success for Celeroton. Many thanks to the numerous visitors for all the interesting discussions!

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CelerotonPilot – better than ever before

07. November 2014

The latest version of our control software has recently been released. Here is an overview of the significant updates.

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Product Launch: Converter CC-120-1000

23. September 2014

Confined space, low weight and often large vibrations – providing the air supply for fuel cells is a challenge for every drive system. Celeroton presents a new electronic converter, which is perfectly adapted to these harsh environments.

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Power Analyzer CA-450-25

23. September 2014

At the beginning of 2013, Celeroton introduced the CA-450-25, a power analyzer to enable the simple analysis of HF-spindles and HF-drives. This analyzer has been further optimized during the last few months.

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High-speed magnetic bearing chopper for infrared nanospectroscopy

Infrared (IR) nanospectroscopy is a non-destructive method for the analysis of molecular structures below the ...

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Design of ultra-high speed optical beam chopper rotors

High-speed beam choppers usually require a fast circumferential and rotational speed and vacuum operation, for which ...

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