CelerotonPilot – better than ever before

07. November 2014

The latest version of our control software has recently been released. Here is an overview of the significant updates.

With version 3.7.0, CelerotonPilot® becomes even more attractive. The various improvements and new features will help you to commission and operate our systems even more efficiently. We are happy to present you the most important improvements:

Fast Real-time-Logging
Due to the higher sampling rate of 50 Hz, many more measurement values are now available. As before, two user-defined measurement variables are displayed but we have a newly optimized plotting display that allows zooming of any area or scaling of the axes to give you a quick insight of the results.

Data Logging 2 Data Logging 2

The recording starts automatically with the start of the system. Therefore, an analysis of the measurement data can be performed for any time interval. All data can still be saved in a text file for further analysis but the user can now choose between saving the whole measurement range or just the displayed range, and the sampling rate of the data is adjustable.

Simple LR Meter
With this tool both inductance and resistance are measured as a star circuit equivalent circuit for all three motor phases – giving you a simple and quick motor analysis.

Simple LR Meter

Bearings Run-In
This tool enables the defined running-in of ball bearings using an adjustable profile. During the running-in process rotational speed and power consumption are measured and displayed. The data can be saved as text file for your documentation or used for further analysis.

With the Runout Tool, the speed dependent losses can be measured easily. The start speed and measurement period of the Runout are adjustable. The rotational speed is measured and recorded whilst the motor is brought to measurement start speed by running down the motor speed. The rotational speed dependent losses can be determined using the known moment of inertia. The loss curves are displayed and an approximation polynomial is calculated. The order of the polynomial is adjustable and the appropriate coefficients will be displayed.
The measurement data can be saved as a text file for your documentation or for further analysis.

Contact us for detailed information of these features and the software.

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