Combining forces in far markets

23. September 2014

For two years Celeroton has had a strong partnership with Nippon Schneeberger KK, our sales representative on the ground in Japan. Here we present an interview with Schneeberger’s Managing Director Michael Kadoma.

Since 2012, Nippon Schneeberger KK has been the sales representative for Celeroton in Japan. Can you provide our readers with some background information about your company?

Michael Kadoma
Schneeberger Japan is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Schneeberger AG, headquartered in Roggwil. Schneeberger AG, with its highly accurate linear bearings, is servicing the Japanese machine sector (e.g. machine tools, semiconductor production, inspection machine, etc.).

Nippon Schneeberger KKSchneeberger Japan is acting as Celeroton’s distributor for the Japanese market to satisfy the increasing requirements for high speed and compact drive system solutions.


How do you assess the potential of Celeroton products in Japan?
Based on our broad customer base and experience in the machine tool as well as the semiconductor market Schneeberger AG has a significant base of potential customers for Celeroton. As a general trend in industry, high speed motor solutions are strongly desired for energy and space savings as well as for weight minimizing in various applications.

Which markets in Japan do you see most attractive for Celeroton?
Besides the above mentioned machine tool and semiconductor markets, other markets such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare and home appliances are of great interest for Celeroton products. We strongly believe that we can be very successful in accessing them together with Celeroton.

Thank you for this interview.

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