Launch of Converter CC-75-400

17. March 2010

Compact low voltage converter for high frequency spindles in micromachining

Celeroton extends its low voltage converter series towards the lower speed and power range with the launch of the CC-75-400 converter. The product is especially suited for high-speed spindle machining centers due to its compact design. It allows for sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) and brushless DC motors (BLDC) from 5,000 rpm up to 500,000 rpm. The new product is characterized by a maximum output power of 400 W.

The following I/O ports are available:

  • analog input (1x)
  • analog output (1x)
  • digital inputs (2x)
  • digital outputs (2x)
  • thermocouple temperature measurement (1x)
  • PTC or NTC temperature measurement (1x)
  • 10 V, 200 mA power supply (1x)
  • RS232/485 (option)
  • CAN (option)

Celeroton is a spin-off company from ETH Zurich and was founded in August 2008. The company’s goal is to provide ultra-high-speed electric drive solutions for dental, medical and micromachining applications.

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