New 5 kW fuel cell converter

30. October 2017

Back to Basics: Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with a new 5 kW power class.

Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with the new 5 kW, DC input converter (CC-550-5000) to power turbo compressors with speeds up to 300,000 rpm. The nominal input voltage range is 280 – 550 VDC. To start the turbo compressor, our market proven auxiliary power supply concept (for 10 to 32 VDC), introduced with the converter CC-120-1000, is available. Liquid cooling of the converter is provided and allows the converter to be integrated into the cooling loop of the fuel cell system. As for other Celeroton converters, the CC-550-5000 has the option to activate our Surge-Protection by Software functionality, an efficient protection mechanism for turbo compressors. A CAN communication interface is included as standard.


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