New Converter CC-230-3500

31. October 2015

With the newly designed converter CC-230-3500 Celeroton extends its product portfolio with a highly compact, grid-connected converter with an active input-stage (PFC) and a maximal output voltage of 400 V. This is achieved at an output power of 3.5 kW and an output current of 15 Arms.

CC-230-3500The newly launched device CC-230-3500, with a low volume of 4 litres, allows for sensorless control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines up to 500,000 rpm without overheating of sensitive motor components such as the rotor. The CC-230-3500 provides for smooth handling of machining spindles, as well as the ability to operate high-speed turbo compressors for heat pumps and air conditioning as well as for the air supply of fuel cells.

Celeroton’s well proven interface concept of analogue and digital in- and outputs, RS-232/485, USB and CAN allows direct communication with most master controllers. The single-phase AC input makes the converter well suited for both industrial applications as well as operation in a laboratory environment.

Do you want to test the CC-230-3500 in your company? Do you need a drive for a special application? Contact us for a personal consultation about your requirements at infocelerotoncom or call us on +41 44 250 52 20.

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