New CT-2X series

12. February 2020

Celeroton presents the new CT-2X turbo compressor series with air bearings in order to meet the increased market demand for higher mass flow and pressure ratios. The CT-2X consumes the lowest available space, offers a long lifetime, oil-free operation, lowest weight and an optimized cost on the market.

The new compressors are based on a common platform, which supports a modular extension that provides different aerodynamic characteristics. As with the lower compressor series from Celeroton, the new turbo compressors are supplied with their own converter electronics.

Application areas for these high-speed turbo compressors are varied, but they all have in common the need for a particle-free air supply. This is required for mobile fuel cells (e.g. automotive, air- and aerospace, communal & commercial vehicles, industrial trucks & light commercial vehicles, port & airport vehicles, and transit buses) and in stationary fuel cell systems that are used for power generation.

Currently, two standard models are available, the CT-25-10000.GB with converter CC-550-7500 and the CT-22-12000.GB with converter CC-400-12000. Custom models, based on the common platform, can be provided with a short delivery time. The Celeroton-team is looking forward to your inquiry.

Do you want to test a CT-2X system in your company? Contact us for a personal consultation about your requirements at infocelerotoncom or call us on +41 44 250 52 20.

CT-25-10000.GB with CC-550-7500

Turbo Compressor CT-2X System



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