Power Analyzer CA-450-25

23. September 2014

At the beginning of 2013, Celeroton introduced the CA-450-25, a power analyzer to enable the simple analysis of HF-spindles and HF-drives. This analyzer has been further optimized during the last few months.

The compact and lightweight power analyzer CA-450-25 is not only designed for the quick measurements in industrial and laboratory environment, but also for the direct use in the final application. The high measurement bandwidth of 1 MHz enables the device to efficiently and easily analyze HF-spindles and HF-drives up to a speed of 500,000 rpm.

The CA-450-25 is designed to measure the performance and efficiency of drive converters and synchronous and asynchronous motors. Thanks to its compactness it enables fast integration into your existing set-up and will allow you to quickly obtain first measurement results. Thus the CA-450-25 is ideally suited for the fast and efficient analyses of high-speed drive systems.

CA-450-25The measurement results are transferred via a USB interface to the users PC/notebook and are displayed in our free software „CelerotonPilot“. If desired, the results can be saved over a longer time period. It is also possible to directly analyze the measurement results in other programs (e.g. Microsoft® Excel or NI LabVIEW®) via a DLL interface. There are several input and output ports to integrate the CA-450-25 into an existing measurement environment. The measurement data can also be transmitted via a serial interface (RS-232 or RS-485).

Besides the effective power measurement at the input of the converter and between the converter and the motor, the CA-450-25 also allows the determination of the apparent output and idle power. Similarly, the respective RMS current and voltage values can be measured and displayed. By using high bandwidth and fast sampled measurements, high-frequency and PWM losses of the system can be quickly determined.

Key data of the new CA-450-25
Voltage range per channel+/- 450 Vpeak / 192 Vrms
Current range per channel+/- 25 Apeak / 15.4 Arms
Number of measuring channels (motor/converter)3 / 1
Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)280 x 244 x 90 mm

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

Do you want to test the new Power Analyzer in your company? We are happy to advise you personally. Please contact us at infocelerotoncom or call us on Tel. +41 44 250 52 20.

We will be presenting the new CA-450-25 at the 2014 SPS IPC Drives fair.

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