Product & technology overview of Celeroton

24. February 2016

Speed, torque, power, mass flow, volume flow, pressure ratio or pressure difference - absolute or relative? These are just some basic specifications of an ultra-high-speed motor or turbo compressor. To clearly display our product portfolio and to facilitate the selection, we have developed the two figures shown below. They depict our available products and their operating ranges, as well as the scope of our technology.

Turbo compressors

For the turbo compressors, the pressure ratio (or the pressure difference) and the mass flow (or the volume flow) are the most important selection criteria. These parameters can be displayed in a compressor map. The variety of different models used is very broad, and depends strongly on the industry sector. Please contact us if your application requires other models than shown here.

CT Overview

Product & technology overview Celeroton turbo compressors

The graph shows that Celeroton’s standard is single stage turbo compressors for air. With standard entry conditions (1bar and 25°C), it will cover a mass flow range between 1 to 55 g/s and pressure ratios between 1.4 to 1.7. With customized systems, pressure ratios up to approximately 2 have been realized.

By connecting several compressors in series, the pressure ratio can be further increased. The figure shows the combination of a CT-17-1000 and a CT-17-700 as an example. To increase the efficiency, and also for thermodynamic reasons, an intercooler between the compressor stages can be used.

The gray area displays the functional area that can easily be accessed with Celeroton’s turbo compressor technology. Additionally, it includes customized systems that have been realized by Celeroton. Specifications outside of the technology core zone are optionally accessible with a customized development.

Celeroton’s turbo compressor technology is not limited to applications with air. Customized systems with different fluids (for example water vapor, butane, natural gas and various refrigerants) have also been realized. If you need to use our compressors with other fluids than air, please contact us to get a free calculation of the compressor and power map for your fluid and inlet condition.


The specific characteristics of the electric motor are the shaft power, the rotational speed and the torque. They define the main operating point and the operating range in which the motor can be used.

Product & technology overview Celeroton motors

The figure shows the operating ranges that can be covered with the motors of Celeroton. Both ball bearings as well as magnetically levitated rotors are used in our products.

The gray area shows the design space in which customized motors can be realized with the technology of Celeroton. The main focus is on the development of motors with rotational speeds between 100,000 und 1,000,000 rpm, and a power range between a few Watts up to kilo-Watts. With rotational speeds above 100,000 rpm, Celeroton clearly stands out from the merchants of standard motors, micro motors and high-torque motors.

If you have any questions regarding the application of our motors or turbo compressors, or looking for a suitable converter for your motor, contact us for a personal consultation about your requirements at infocelerotoncom or call us +41 44 250 52 20. We also offer our support to you regarding the selection of the best product for your application.

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