Our Story

Celeroton has quickly grown since its founding in 2008. From a local start-up, the company now has an international focus.

2019 ISO 9001:2015 Certification
2018 Employed 30th staff member
2016 Launch turbo compressor with gas bearings
2015 New headquarter in Volketswil (outskirts of Zurich)
2014 Launch of ultra-high-speed magnetic bearings

Employed 20th staff member
2013 Commenced own production line
2012 First compressor: Radial Turbo Compressor CT-17-700/1000

Employed 10th staff member
2011 Second product: Converter CC-230-3000
2010 First product launched: Converter CC-75-500

Moved into the Technopark Zurich
2009 Own office in Zurich

Winner of multiple business plan competitions
(W. A. de VigierVentureKickVenture)

Hiring of first employee
2008 Founding of Celeroton AG (2 Founders)

First project contract


Combining electronics and a turbo compressor in one device - the new CTi-17-700/1000.GB

Electrification in various industries, especially in mobile applications and vehicles, is more and more driven by ...

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Advantages of Celeroton oil-free helium compressors

With its 100% oil-free and gas-tight design, the Celeroton CT-NG-2000 compressor for Helium is the ideal solution for ...

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