Zuverlässiger und kompakter dank sensorloser Regelung

01. October 2013

Magazine "Polydrive" 2/2013

Die sensorlose Regelung für Permanentmagnet-Synchronmaschinen (PMSM) und bürstenlose Gleichstrommotoren (BLDC-Motoren) erlaubt verbesserte Zuverlässigkeit, geringeren Platzbedarf und tiefere Kosten und Komplexität. Vor allem bei sehr hohen oder sehr tiefen Drehzahlen gibt es jedoch einige Herausforderungen, die spezielle Lösungen erfordern.


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New 5 kW fuel cell converter

Back to Basics: Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with a new 5 kW power class.

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New reaction wheel concept

Honorable mention of the new reaction wheel concept for small satellites developed by Celeroton and researchers from ...

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Energy saving potential with oil-free turbo compressors in fuel cell systems

Due to their compact design and high efficiency, oil-free electrical turbo compressors are ideally suited for mobile ...

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Model-based control of an electrical compressor to increase low-end torque and its impact to fulfil “real drive emissions” of diesel engines

Additional electrical compressors have long been considered to enhance response behavior of engines. In combination ...

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