24. August 2020

Advantages of Celeroton oil-free helium compressors

With its 100% oil-free and gas-tight design, the Celeroton CT-NG-2000 compressor for Helium is the ideal solution for applications requiring low-pressure helium and other inert gas recirculation.

Since helium is a rare and expensive gas, it is worthwhile to recirculate and reuse helium after use. Helium gas reclamation is used in leak testing, cooling of detectors, for hardening processes in the metal industry, cryogenic technology, industrial process gas research applications in industry and in scientific experiments.

Turbo Compressor CT-NG-2000.GB

The gas sealing of the process to maintain the gas purity is a crucial aspect in gas recovery. Pollution caused by gas leakage into the environment leads to incorrect measurements during the leak test. In helium heat treatment, impurities in helium are the cause of defects and quality reduction in the heat treatment process.

In the conventional way, the helium is collected by an oversized and oil-free piston compressor and afterwards stored in a high-pressure tank. Releasing the helium from the high-pressure container results in expansion and thus waste of energy. The Celeroton CT-NG-2000.GB allows for economic recirculation of the helium in a closed cycle at low pressure. Not only helium is saved, it also results in a significant cost saving due to the low amount of electrical energy needed.

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