Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps

Compact and efficient: Our compressors provide an exceptional coefficient of performance (COP) and compactness for refrigerant circuits.

Air Conditioning/Heat PumpsRegardless of whether a compressor is used in building air conditioning, household appliances, hybrid and electric car air conditioners or even in space flight; there are the same requirements for a compressor when it comes to the circulation of a refrigerant: compactness, low weight, high efficiency, and lowest possible noise and vibration levels.

The efficiency of our products exceeds that of displacement or scroll compressors. Our systems consume less primary energy, a key selling point for heat pumps. With the turbo compressor technology a very high efficiency is also possible for small temperature differences.

Due to the low volume and weight of our systems, a highly energy efficient heat pump can replace the traditional resistive heaters used, for example, in hybrid or electric cars or household appliances.


  • highest coefficient of performance (COP)
  • lowest weight
  • quiet and low vibration
  • smallest volume
  • high efficiency even for small temperature differences
  • oil-free