High volume flows and pressures in the smallest possible space: Celeroton sets new limits for air blowers.

BlowersIn many applications neither a fan (not enough pressure) nor a radial turbo compressor (too little mass or volume flow) fulfill all the requirements. Therefore, the applications have had to deploy fans with large impellors and cross-sectional areas. We are able to achieve previously unthinkable combinations of size, flow rates and pressures by utilizing diagonal turbo compressors. These operate at very high speeds and have a fraction of the size and weight compared to existing solutions.

The CT-14-1000 diagonal turbo compressor  has been launched as a standard product, which combines the advantages of an axial turbo machine (high flow rate) with that of a radial machine (high pressure ratio). The application of high speed technology leads to a blower with an unprecedented low volume and weight. Only traditional fans, which are at least 10 times bigger, have similar characteristics in terms of pressure and volume flow. In addition, the efficiency is very high, up to 74 % isentropic, due to the optimization of the thermodynamics and the electric motor.

Celeroton has already developed numerous customized solutions. Our technology is optimally adapted to the needs of each client. Therefore, our systems are ready to overcome the pressure drops in air filters, hoses and valves (e.g. used in household appliances). In addition, extraction systems used in, for example, the semiconductor industry benefit from our new technology.


  • high power density
  • lowest volume
  • high efficiency
  • smaller outside diameters due to a diagonal impeller
  • lowest weight
  • customizations possible