Dental and Medical Tools

Everything is under control with just one handpiece, thanks to sensorless control over the complete speed range.

Dental and Medical Tools

Higher speeds, more compact applications. Using our specially developed control method, high-speed electric motors can be operated much faster than ever before. We employ sensorless speed control from standstill to maximum speed. The use of Hall sensors is now unnecessary, making the motor design simpler and requiring fewer connectors.

Celeroton converters, such as the CC-75-500, allow full torque operation direct from standstill. Our technology differs significantly compared to the converters available on the market, which only provide a limited control response and torque at low speeds.

In the medical and dental fields we offer our customers two advantages: firstly, the individual handpiece is substantially smaller and lighter due to the direct integration of the electric motor, without the need for a gearbox. Secondly, the number of contra-angle handpieces needed for a single treatment session is reduced due to our greater operating speed range.

Our motor and electronic systems are in operation in dental handpieces and surgical drills and saws. In these areas, operation with the lowest possible vibration level is of high importance.


  • lowest weight
  • only one handpiece needed
  • reduced treatment time
  • smallest volume
  • full torque from standstill
  • low vibration levels