Fuel Cells

Lighter, more compact, reliable: Our turbo compressors and converters make the difference with fuel cells.

Fuel CellsVolume and weight are decisive factors for any fuel cell system whether used in cars, in the air or in space. The Celeroton high-speed turbo compressors achieve the performance levels of conventional scroll or positive displacement compressors but with up to 50 times less volume and weight.

Our systems allow highly dynamic control of both pressure and mass flow with an increased operating efficiency. They operate continuously and without any oil, so the air supply is guaranteed to remain pure and any pressure fluctuations can be eliminated. This is a great advantage for the very sensitive fuel cells. Also noise and vibration levels are kept to a minimum.

With these characteristics, our systems can be used in electric vehicle range extenders, significantly increasing the driving range. They can also be used in other vehicle applications such as in forklifts. In addition to the mobile applications, our technology provides significant advantages for stationary, decentralized power supplies.

With the converter CC-120-1000 the compressor can be directly started from an auxiliary power supply, e.g. a battery. Once the fuel cell stack reaches its operating point the converter is supplied by the output voltage of the stack. With this, additional DCDC-converters can be omitted and thus further volume and weight can be saved in the application leading to additional cost savings.

Use of turbo compressors and converters from Celeroton as an example in fuel cell stacks
Use of turbo compressors and converters from Celeroton as an example in fuel cell stacks


  • highest efficiency
  • lowest weight
  • quiet
  • smallest volume
  • oil-free operation
  • low vibration