Our compressors make the difference in fuel cell applications

Hydrogen and fuel cell electric applications have become a major pillar of the energy transition in particular in the mobility market where >4.5 million FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) are foreseen by 2030. Over the years, Celeroton has become a technology leader in high-performance compressors for fuel cell systems with cutting edge products and solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. To support the transition towards a greener future, turbo compressors for fuel cells are now a dedicated business unit at Celeroton.

Solutions across segments

At Celeroton, we believe fuel cells will play a significant role towards decarbonization, across a variety of segments. Our solutions are therefore used in multiple applications from material handling and commercial vehicles to marine, rail and power generation. We understand segment specific requirements, and can tailor our existing and already broad product offering.

Material handling
Passenger cars
Commercial vehicles

A state of the art portfolio

Our fuel cell dedicated portfolio spans across a broad range of segments and applications. As our customer base grows, we have plenty of ideas and projects for the future to further expand our product offering.

Cutting edge products

Our compressor and converter systems are unique in terms of size, efficiency, reliability, controls and design flexibility. Thanks to >10 years of innovation and extensive collaborations with customers, we have the right solutions to answer your needs.

  • Minimal size and weight – Cutting edge design
  • Unique performance – Efficiency and reliability
  • Advanced controls – Sensorless control and health monitoring
  • Complete solution – Compressor and converter out of one hand
  • Shortest time to market – Flexible design and rapid customization

Technology based on multi-disciplinary innovation

System expertise

Combination of interdisciplinary technologies into optimized turbo compressor system. This guarantees a system out of one hand with matched components, in particular converter and compressor.

Gas bearing

Oil and maintenance-free operation at highest speeds thanks to a rotor floating on a gas film generated by the rotation of the shaft. Resistant to shocks and vibrations.


Transfer of mechanical shaft power to the fluid with radial turbo compressor technology. No pressure fluctuations and a constant mass flow with maximum efficiency.

Electric motor

Permanent magnet synchronous machine technology, providing the required shaft power with minimal copper, iron and rotor losses. Designed for mechanical and rotor dynamic integration with the ultra-high-speed rotor-bearing system. Optimized for series production.

Rotor dynamics

Rotor dynamic design and balancing procedures. Theoretical and practical innovation, knowhow and experience in high-speed operation combined at its best.

Thermal design

The more compact the system, the higher the losses per volume and the bigger the challenge for thermal design and cooling.

Structural mechanics

Reduction of mechanical stresses with optimized geometries and materials. Consideration of manufacturing tolerances and temperature range.

Power electronics

High power density and low losses in converters and motors thanks to a system design and the right choice of topology and modulation methods.

Control systems and software

Communication with the user, control of power electronics, motor and compressor – and protection of these components through monitoring and diagnostics.


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