Improved resolution and higher frequencies

Using magnetic-bearing choppers for optimized optical systems and instruments for synchrotron radiation

  • Highest chopper frequencies
  • Operation in vacuum
  • Low vibration emissions
  • High resolution/minimal jitter
  • Speed stability < 200 ppm
  • Speed control via reference signal
  • Maintenance-free
  • Custom chopper discs and mirror rotors

The higher the speed of a rotating mirror – or of a prism in high-speed cameras, LIDAR systems for autonomous driving, laser systems or a rotating disc in instruments for synchrotron radiation in beamlines, beam choppers, infrared choppers, X-ray choppers, raster scanners, polygon scanners and interferometers – the better the resolution and efficiency of the systems concerned. The perfect conditions for the use of a high-speed drive system from Celeroton as an optical chopper.

In combination with a magnetic bearing, such systems can be operated in a vacuum or other special atmospheres. The basis is a CM-AMB-400 motor with magnetic bearings in combination with the CC-AMB-1500 magnetic bearing controller from Celeroton. Optical systems and instruments for synchrotron radiation also often employ measurement devices that are sensitive to vibrations. Here, the magnetic bearing significantly reduces emissions by actively filtering the speed-synchronous forces. Where required, in the event of a power failure the chopper can be shut down in a controlled manner using an optional uninterruptible power supply.

For rotating mirrors or prisms, the highest speeds have so far have been achieved with air or helium turbines. Thanks to Celeroton technology, these turbines can be replaced by electric drive systems with magnetic or air bearings, enabling oil- and wear-free operation. This results in a simplified overall system without the need for pressure cylinders or compressed air, as well provide highly stable speed control not achievable by turbine drives. Further simplification of the system is made possible by the lock-in functionality, which significantly improves control performance. The technology also allows a beam to be passed through the motor, which in turn saves installation space in the final application. An optional tantalum shield is available for use in X-ray environments.

Another possible field of application is the use of technology for vibration-free reaction wheels in communication satellites in space.

Below you find a selection of customers already working with Celeroton’s magnetic-bearing choppers:

Magnetic-bearing choppers: suitable for a vacuum

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Magnetic-bearing choppers: suitable for a vacuum

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Custom solutions