Optical Systems / Choppers

Improved resolution and efficiency: Optimizing optical systems and choppers with higher speeds.

Optical SystemsHigher rotating mirror speeds results in better resolution and efficiency in high-speed cameras, LIDAR systems for autonomous driving, laser systems, beam-choppers, infrared-choppers, x-ray-choppers, raster scanners, polygon scanners and interferometers. Perfect conditions for the use of a high speed drive system from Celeroton.

To achieve high speeds, until now, was possible amongst others by using an air or helium turbine. With Celeroton‘s technology, these turbines can be replaced with an electric drive System with air bearings. This leads to a simplified overall system without the need for pressure cylinders or compressed air as well as allows for an increased speed stability. This simplifies your system and significantly improves the speed control performance. In addition, the technology allows passing a beam through the motor which saves space within the application.

Our systems can be used in x-ray, infrared-, beam choppers and interferometers, rotating prism and mirror applications. Operation is also possible in vacuum or other special atmospheres when used in combination with a magnetic bearings. The motor CM-AMB-400 with magnetic bearings in combination with the Celeroton magnetic bearing controller CC-ABM-1500 exemplifies this.


  • high efficiency
  • operation in vacuum possible
  • improved control response
  • high resolution
  • magnetic bearing compatible
  • simplified system design