With our system you can generate positive and negative pressures exactly where they are needed. Our focus is on achieving the highest efficiency and the lowest volume.


Small, lightweight, powerful: Celeroton‘s turbo compressors replace volume and weight by speed. Our high speeds open the way to generate decentralized pressure and vacuum sources, just where the applications need it. The traditional central generation system, by using large pumps and compressors together with pipes and hoses distribution, are now a thing of the past.

The use of our systems simplifies the implementation and operation of pneumatic applications because the central pumps, compressors and manifolds can be dispensed with. Therefore, pressure losses and leaks through the fluid transport lines are eliminated. The hoses and tubes are replaced by more compact electrical connections. The same turbo compressor can generate both a vacuum and a positive pressure.

Furthermore, the turbo compressors can also be used for the cleaning of the optics in laser welding robots. Due to the low weight and compact size the turbo compressors can be mounted on the robot directly. Thus, no additional piping for the pressurized air is needed.

By reversing the turbo compressor, an expander turbine results, where electrical energy and/or cooling capability can be produced from compressed air.


  • decentralized pressure or vacuum production
  • lower pressure losses and leaks
  • lowest weight
  • smallest volume
  • energy efficient