Germ-free, aseptic and sterile

Air for processes with special purity requirements

  • Oil-free air
  • Continuous, high-volume flow
  • High pressure ratio
  • Long service life
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact dimensions
Illustration sterile air

The availability of sterile air is essential for a number of industries, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, life-sciences and bioprocess engineering, packaging processes and general processes with the highest requirements for air purity. Wherever viruses, germs, pyrogens, endotoxins and bioburdens in general are to be avoided, mobile or stationary sterile air generators are now used to produce sterile air from ambient air. As part of a configuration, a compressor or air compressor transports the air into the sterile area through a multi-stage filter package and from there into the space to be ventilated.

The accumulation of germs, spores, fungi and dust on the filtration material over time leads to a reduction in the air flow rate and an increase in pressure requirements, which greatly reduces the service life of the system.

Highly efficient air-bearing turbo compressors provide a remedy for this, by meeting the constant demand for extended service life, reduced system size, guaranteed impurity-free air and reduced energy requirements. Compared to conventional scroll or side-channel compressors, our turbo compressor systems are up to 30 times smaller, lighter and very quiet and feature an impressive miniaturized design and significantly higher pressure ratio. This allows filters to be operated for much longer and the low installation space and low weight result in reduced system dimensions. In addition, the turbo compressor is considerably more efficient compared to conventional compressors, which significantly reduces operating costs and total cost of ownership.

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