8. September 2020

Combining electronics and a turbo compressor in one device – the new CTi-17-700/1000.GB

Electrification in various industries, especially in mobile applications and vehicles, is more and more driven by hydrogen fuel cell systems. Celeroton’s latest achievement helps to further reduce the size of the fuel cell system and simplify the integration of the compressor into the balance of plant, and, therefore, supporting the worldwide trend. Combining the power, control and communication electronics and turbo compressor into one device becomes increasingly crucial for applications with limited space.

Turbo compressor CTi-17-700/1000.GB

The compact packaging of our new CTi-17-700/1000.GB contains three different functional units: the oil-free turbo compressor with air bearings, the electric motor and converter. The integrated approach allows for reduced cabling and liquid cooling circuit piping. The novel high-speed turbo compressor with integrated converter achieves the same rated pressure ratio and flow rate as the CT-17-1000.GB. Comparing the CT-17-1000.GB compressor powered with a CC-120-1000 inverter and the new CTi-17-1000.GB, a total volume and weight reduction of close to 50% is achieved. The device comes with just one connector for the power supply and communication interface (CAN). The CTi-17-700/1000.GB is suitable as air supply module in the cathode system of fuel cells with a power of up to 15 kW as used in mobile (range extender) and stationary applications. Of course the CTi-17-700/1000.GB can be applied to other applications with limited space and simplified cabling requirements such as cleaning surfaces with an air knife.

In addition, the standalone systems CT-17-700.GB or CT-17-1000.GB are still available along with the converter CC-120-1000 or alternatively with the CC-230-3500 if the compressor and converter are separated.

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