5. April 2024

Cryogenics – A customer experience

Addressing the challenges of low outgassing, low temperature, and low losses

Cryogenic applications present formidable challenges due to demanding operating requirements, including a wide range of ambient conditions and extremely low temperatures. Celeroton’s proprietary gas bearing design tools enable the development of unique solutions focused on minimizing losses in the gas bearings at cryogenic temperatures. Operating reliably at temperatures below -180 °C is challenging by itself and additional requirements such as the prevention of contamination and low outgassing make it even more challenging. By utilizing the process gas as lubricant, contamination by oil or grease is prevented by design. With just one rotating part, all seals are static, ensuring the robustness and reliability of Celeroton turbo compressors. Depending on the application O-rings, C-rings, or other seals are utilized, achieving leak rates as low as 1×10-6 mbar*l/s and lower. These factors collectively establish Celeroton gas bearings as superior in performance and reliability.

Our customer GRE recently purchased a multi stage turbo compressor system for helium and shares the following experience: “GRE were looking for helium gas compressors for a high value, prestigious project for a blue-chip end user. After an extensive selection process, GRE chose Celeroton as supplier for this equipment. This decision was based on the approachability and technical knowledge of their Engineers, and on their ability to meet a very demanding specification. We were pleased to have selected Celeroton on this project. Their product was delivered on time, and the technical support we received during the setup and commissioning phase of the project in our factory was rapid and decisive. We would very much like to work with Celeroton again should the opportunity arise.” Richard Booth, Managing Director at GRE

Celeroton turbo compressors are realized for various noble gases such as helium, neon or argon, as well as mixtures containing major portions of hydrogen. Operating conditions range from below 20 K (-253 °C) to 353 K (80 °C) and pressures from several hundred millibar(a) to several tens of bar(a). Each turbo compressor is equipped with its dedicated gas bearing and aerodynamics (compressor stages) to meet the requirements of various customers.

Do you have an application that demands a unique solution? Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry via moc.notorelec@ofni or +41 44 250 52 20, ready to explore potential solutions with you.