Centrifugal compressors for refrigerants

24. March 2021

Are centrifugal compressors (also called radial turbo compressors) the right choice for your heating or cooling application?

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Novel High-Speed Turbo Compressor With Integrated Inverter for Fuel Cell Air Supply

04. March 2021

Fuel cell technology is continuously gaining ground in E-mobility applications. Fuel cells require a constant supply of pressurized air, for which high-speed turbo compressors with air bearings are an optimal choice to reduce size, guarantee oil-free operation required for the lifetime of the fuel cell, and increase efficiency.

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Vibration testing of the CT-2X air-bearing turbo compressor for mobile fuel cell applications

15. September 2020

Turbo compressors have to cope with the vibration and lifetime requirements when used in mobile fuel cell applications, such as road vehicles. For ball-bearing compressors, vibration levels impact bearing wear and, therefore, the lifetime. However, this is different for gas bearing compressors, such as the CT-2X compressors: The vibration levels define whether there is any influence on the gas bearing compressor lifetime, if any at all. For this reason, it is necessary to validate the compressor on a test rig in order to verify the specified vibration requirements and to prove the functionality and lifetime impact.

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Gas bearing design for non-air applications

23. April 2020

The design of gas bearings for noble or inert gases is an interesting engineer’s challenge, as the design has significantly more variables than for air bearings. The behavior of a gas bearing is strongly dependent on the gas viscosity in the bearing clearance. However, the viscosity is dependent on the gas temperature and the type of gas. The gas bearing must be designed to run stably over the complete operating range of parameters, throughout the entire speed range and for a range of manufacturing tolerances. As an example the smallest gas bearing clearance is critical at high temperatures and maximum speed, while the largest bearing clearance occurs at minimum temperature and at medium speeds.

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Development of an oil-free turbo compressor for mobile fuel cell applications – challenges and results

06. February 2020

The compressor for supplying air to a fuel cell stack is a critical component in the balance of plant (BoP), especially for mobile applications. The main requirements of the compressor are the performance concerning pressure ratio, mass flow and efficiency, while having a minimal size and weight. The turbo compressor technology is ideally suited to meet these requirements.

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Turbo compressors for operation at high-altitude

How nice it would be to drive a fuel cell vehicle through the mountains and over a pass emission-free and to enjoy the ...

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Use of turbo compressors with air bearings for sterile air generation increases service life, reduces operating costs, and assembly space

The availability of sterile air is essential for many industries, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry, or ...

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