Celeroton replaces volume and weight by speed – enabling the highest accuracy in micromachining.


Consumers are demanding more and more compact devices and the micromachining industry is under pressure to deliver compact products. More precise machining steps are needed and this can only be achieved with ever increasing speeds.

Here Celeroton provides the solution: Our electric motors reach the world’s highest speed – up to 1 million rpm. These speeds open up new possibilities in grinding, PCB drilling and CNC machining.

Our combined know-how of mechanics, electromagnetic, electronics and software allows our products to achieve the highest possible speeds with best possible control performance, which guarantees you the most precise results. Our own specially developed sensorless control method (from standstill to maximum speed), allows the realization of a very compact and lightweight system. Our systems produce full torque even at low operating speeds.

The commissioning and parameterization of the tool spindles is accomplished very easily with our specially designed auto tuning function. The drive system is perfectly matched to your needs in no time at all.


  • exact drilling
  • sensorless operation from standstill
  • up to 1 million rpm
  • highly dynamic control
  • simple installation
  • full torque even at low speeds