Respirators and oxygen concentrators

Compact, light, quiet and reliable: Celeroton Turbo Compressors offer key advantages when used in oxygen concentrators, medical ventilators and for personal protection respirators. And they are highly efficient.


Our turbo compressors operate at high speeds. Reducing the space and weight significantly and still providing the pressures of conventional compressors.

In addition, our systems are very reliable and generate only minimal vibrations and noise emissions. Thanks to oil-free operation, high air purity is guaranteed. Our compressors are able to provide a continuous air flow without any pressure fluctuations.

By using a Celeroton system you are able to reduce the size, energy consumption and material use in your end system. This allows for highly compact oxygen concentrators for mobile operation as well as the best possible ventilation equipment for the medical industry or for personal protection devices: compact, light, quiet and reliable.


  • reliable
  • light
  • quiet
  • compact
  • oil-free operation
  • efficient