1. July 2024

Foundation of Celeroton TurboCell AG

We are pleased to inform you about the foundation of Celeroton TurboCell AG which is taking over all air compressor for fuel cell activities and products from Celeroton AG.

The growth of the fuel cell sector over the last years has led Celeroton to spin off its Fuel Cell business unit into the company Celeroton TurboCell. The management of Celeroton TurboCell is composed by Alexandre Gabella (CEO) and Markus Brandstätter (CTO) who have been working at Celeroton. The whole Celeroton TurboCell team works in close collaboration with the Celeroton team.

Alexandre Gabella: “Celeroton TurboCell will benefit from an increased focus to further develop and industrialize its best-in-class product portfolio, and therefore also bring added value to its customers.”

Martin Bartholet, CEO of Celeroton: “We are pleased by this new chapter in the history of both companies which supports the transition towards sustainability and decarbonization.”

Alexandre Gabella, CEO of Celeroton TurboCell
Markus Brandstätter, CTO of Celeroton TurboCell