17. January 2014

Launch of Turbo Compressor CT-15-150

With the new CT-15-150, small pressure differences and mass/volume flows are now covered by ultra-high-speed turbo compressors. This provides benefits concerning volume, weight and efficiency.

Turbo Kompressor CT-15-150

Key data of the CT-15-150

Rated power150 W
Rated speed400,000 rpm
Max. pressure ratio1.5
Max. mass flow5 g/s
Weight110 g

For more detailed information please have a look at the datasheet CT-15-150 or contact us via moc.notorelec@ofni.

Potential application areas of the new compressor are:

Compressors and vacuum pumps producing only some 100 mbar of pressure difference and 20 to 200 l/min of volume flow are realized almost exclusively with the displacement principle, e.g. as diaphragm pumps, piston compressors or rotary vane pumps.
The disadvantages are: Pulsations, low efficiency, high space requirements and high weight.

These disadvantages are eliminated by turbo machines, but only for applications with larger pressure ratios and mass flows. For smaller pressure differences and volume flows the scaling laws with turbo machines lead to very small impellers and extremely high rotational speeds, which, until now, was not technically possible. Due to Celeroton’s technology these limitations are now solved; and, even better, turned into advantages.

The following graph shows where our turbo compressors (and the new CT-15-150 in particular) make the difference.

We can build turbo compressors for both over-pressure and for vacuum that are multiple times smaller and lighter than currently available solutions.

This is shown tangibly by the CT-15-150: With its small volume of only 90 cm3 it can provide up to 250 l/min of volume flow, up to 500 mbar of over-pressure and up to 330 mbar of vacuum. Doing so, it has efficiencies that were only achieved by large turbo machines.

Would you like to test the CT-15-150 in your application? We would be happy to discuss this personally with you. Contact us via moc.notorelec@ofni.