20. September 2016

Launch of turbo compressors with gas bearings

Celeroton AG, the leading manufacturer of ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems with speeds up to 1 million rpm, launches its first turbo compressors with gas bearings – unique in their weight and performance, being wear- and oil-free, and obtaining the highest levels of energy efficiency.

The gas bearing turbo compressors CT-17-700.GB and CT-17-1000.GB, with a rated speed of 280,000 rpm in air, are unique turbo compressors based on their size, weight and high system efficiency. They offer 100% oil-free and lubricant-free compression of air, with infinite bearing lifetime in continuous operation, a pressure ratio of up to 1.65, a mass flow of up to 24 g/s, maximum isentropic overall efficiency of 59% and a rated maximum power of 1 kW with a volume of just 530 cm3.


“With the development of our gas bearing turbo compressors we have achieved a historical milestone for high-speed turbo compressors”, says Christof Zwyssig, Managing Director and Head of Research & Development at Celeroton. “The first client feedback on our compressors during field tests have been excellent and confirm the innovative performance of our new flagship product”, adds Martin Bartholet, Managing Director and Head of Sales at Celeroton.

The developed technology widens the horizon for application areas, where the operation of miniaturised turbo compressors has been either limited or not even possible:

  • Oil-free air supply of fuel cells
  • Low-maintenance air conditioning and heat pumps with the highest performance (in stationary as well as mobile applications e.g. hybrid and electric cars)
  • Mobile respirators and oxygen concentrators
  • Decentralised pneumatics (pressure and vacuum generation)
  • High-tech blowers

The Celeroton converters CC-230-3500 and CC-120-1000 are compatible with these turbo compressors and enable the sensorless control over the entire operating range. Thereby Celeroton offers a one-stop air supply.

Interested? Find out more information on these cutting edge turbo compressors in our product brochure or datasheets (CT-17-700.GB and CT-17-1000.GB), read more about the first client experience in the user report, study the technical challenges in the technology section on our website, or even test the compressor in your application to gain your technological edge. We look forward to hearing from you by email moc.notorelec@ofni or by phone on +41 44 250 52 20.