10. June 2010

Launch of CC-230-3000

We are expanding our converter product range.

Celeroton converter

With the converter CC‐230‐3000 Celeroton extends its product portfolio with a device with a grid‐connection and an active input‐stage (PFC). A maximum output voltage of 400 V is achieved at an output power of 3 kW. Like the versions with lower power, the new device also allows for sensorless control of permanent‐magnet synchronous machines up to speeds of 1 million rpm without overheating of sensitive motor components such as the rotor. Besides the smooth handling of machining spindles, the operation of high‐speed turbo‐compressors for heat pumps and air conditioning as well as for the air supply of fuel cells is ensured.

For the connection to the master control, the well proved interface concept with analog and digital ports, RS‐232/485, USB, CAN and an ethernet port are provided. Due to the single phase power‐connection, the converter is well suited for applications in industry as well as in laboratory environments.

For further information please have a look at the datasheet.