20. May 2014

New Distribution Partner for Northern America

In late 2013 Celeroton established a collaboration with Berton & Berton Inc. in Salem (Massachusetts, USA). With this partner we are able to better serve our clients in the US and Canada. A short interview on the new partnership.

northern america map

(Celeroton) Paul Berton, for half a year now, you have been the official representative for Celeroton for the North American market. How have you experienced the start of the collaboration?
(Paul Berton) I have been pleased at the amount of the inquiries we have received. In most cases they are for upgrading existing applications that can benefit from either Celeroton’s high speed motors or low noise and high efficiency turbo compressors. Nevertheless, some inquires have been for completely new applications in developing markets.

When did you hear about Celeroton the first time?
In June 2011, while attending the retirement party for Nicolas Wavre, board member of Celeroton and founder of ETEL, in Motiers. I was most impressed with the technology being developed by Celeroton and made a visit to their office in Zurich. After a firsthand view of Celeroton activities, I found their capabilities were even more impressive.
I believed it was only a matter of time before Celeroton would need someone on the ground in North America where there would definitely be a market for their products.

What advantage can you offer to existing as well as future customers of Celeroton in the North American market?
First and most important is application support in real time, as it is important that prospective and existing customers can do their business during their normal business hours.

Next is the ability to visit a prospect within a few days when it is necessary to have face to face meetings to discuss the feasibility of an application, as well as understanding the products in order to determine the information required by Celeroton’s engineers to perform tests for rotor-dynamics or calculations for turbo compressor performance.

Finally, it is important to have someone representing Celeroton who understands the local business culture, especially with the automotive industry.

Paul Berton is a managing director at Berton & Berton, Celeroton’s representative for North America. Before that, he held several senior sales and marketing positions in North America and Asia, amongst others as director North America market for ETEL SA, the Swiss drive technology company. Paul holds a Master in Business and Engineering Management from Northeastern University and a Bachelor in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Tufts University.