1. April 2014

Low Voltage Converter CC-100-1000

Sensorless within the smallest space. Celeroton presents with the new CC-100-1000 an extremely compact converter with a power output of 1 kW and all as a single PCB solution. This new electronics allows for sensorless speed control of synchronous and asynchronous motors with rotational speeds of up to 500,000 rpm.

Standard electronic solutions for electric drive systems achieve their performance limit at rotational speeds of around 100,000 rpm as they take limited care of the motor heating effects, especially the losses in the rotor.

As a high-speed specialist, Celeroton overcomes these limitations by developing new products such as the new converter. Besides the prevention of expensive motor breakdowns, low motor temperatures are key to ensure a high process quality in many applications such as grinding machines or dental drills.

High-speed motors are often built into compact machine concepts, with little space for the electronics. This is not a problem for the CC-100-1000: There is enough space left due to the space-saving single PCB design (see table below for specifications). Therefore, the new converter is perfect for CAD/CAM milling machines in the dental sector.

The connection to a higher level controller is secured through various standard interfaces such as USB, CAN-Bus, RS232 as well as analog and digital inputs and outputs. Multiple converters can interact together via the CAN-Bus. The new CC-100-1000 has an input voltage range from 24 to 100 V (DC) and provides a maximum output power of 1 kW.

Celeroton compact converter

Specifications of the new CC-100-1000

Input voltage24 - 100 V
Maximum output power1 kW
Maximum frequency / speed (PAM-operation)8.3 kHz / 500,000 rpm
Weight0.28 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)195 x 125 x 24 mm

Please see our datasheet for further information.

You will receive the free of charge software CelerotonPilot to ensure a fast and simple initialization of the converter. Thanks to the auto tuning routine your motors can be put into operation in no time at all.

The CC-100-1000 extends our existing converter product line CC-75-400 and CC-75-500. Thanks to the interoperability with these two converters and our modular architecture, the CC-100-1000 enables the operation of several spindles within a limited space.

Would you like to test the CC-100-1000 in your company? We look forward to discussing this with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.