23. September 2014

Product Launch: Converter CC-120-1000

Confined space, low weight and often large vibrations – providing the air supply for fuel cells is a challenge for every drive system. Celeroton presents a new electronic converter, which is perfectly adapted to these harsh environments.

Celeroton has already introduced in 2012 two compressors (CT-17-700 and CT-17-1000), which are optimized for use in fuel cells. Now we have come up with the matching electronics: The new converter CC-120-1000 is ideal for providing the air supply for fuel cells (up to 10 kW) in mobile and stationary applications.

These applications bring various challenges. Besides the demanding requirements of space and weight, the broad input voltage range is also a significant challenge. The new CC-120-100 has been developed with these challenges in mind. The input voltage range is 40 – 120 V, with custom ranges on request. Besides fuel cells, the CC-120-1000 can be used in various other applications.

Compared with other converter systems the new CC-120-1000 does not need external DC-DC converters to supply the inverter. Therefore, and through other optimizations, the volume of the device has been reduced to 1.4 liters. The highly compact drive solution enables sensorless operation of synchronous motors with speeds up to 500,000 rpm. The electronic delivers output power of 1 kW over the whole input voltage range – i.e. from 40 V upwards.

As in most cases, using the output of the fuel cell as the power supply is not possible during startup, so we have integrated a separate supply input (e.g. battery power supply 12 – 28 V) in the CC-120-1000. Thus, enabling the basic supply of compressed air to the fuel cell. This auxiliary supply also powers the digital logic of the converter. The power supply via the battery is galvanically isolated from the fuel cell. A CAN connection allows for integration of the electronics into the application.

The cooling of the electronics can be performed actively or passively. The flat base plate, which can be integrated into the customized cooling concept, serves for the heat removal. The box offers an IP67 protection and has been designed specifically for harsh environmental conditions.

Key figures of the new CC-120-1000

Input voltage40 - 120 V dc
Output voltage (peak value phase-phase) 0 - 100 V
Rated output power1 kW
Maximum frequency / speed (PAM-operation)8.3 kHz / 500,000 rpm
Weight0.67 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)156 x 168 x 53 mm
Converter with pen

You can find out more information in the data sheet or contact us directly at moc.notorelec@ofni or call us on +41 44 250 52 20.