Advantages of our magnetic-bearing choppers

  • Highest chopper frequencies
  • Operation in vacuum
  • Low vibration emissions
  • High resolution/minimal jitter
  • Speed stability < 200 ppm
  • Speed control via reference signal
  • Maintenance-free
  • Custom chopper discs and mirror rotors

Our magnetic-bearing choppers can be operated in a vacuum, in air or in a noble gas atmosphere. This allows us to achieve maximum speeds and chopper frequencies. They are used in infrared, laser and X-ray applications and offer highly stable speed control and lock-in functionality.

The high rotational speed and thus circumferential speed enables fast shutter times of chopper discs and high chopper frequencies. Vibration emissions are kept to a minimum by means of the magnetic bearing technology based on Lorentz force. The rotor position is thus kept very precisely and the stable speed control results in minimal jitter and beam deviation. The proprietary modular magnetic bearing concept allows custom chopper discs and mirrors to be designed and integrated, depending on the application and specification.

Magnetic-bearing motor

TypeRated power
(with cooling)
Rated speed
(with cooling)
Datasheet.step File
CM-AMB-400250 W400,000 rpm50 V62 mm64 mm600 gMagnetic

Magnetic-bearing controller

TypOutput powerControl rangeInput voltageOutput voltageWeightDatasheet.step File
CC-AMB500 - 1,500 VA0 - 500,000 rpm24 - 75 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin2.25 kg

Optical applications in vacuum with custom rotors