Ultra-high-speed and oil-free turbo compressors with gas bearings provide outstanding solutions with respect to compactness, lifetime, low weight and high operating efficiency. Our systems are, in comparison to regular speed compressors, up to a hundred times lighter, smaller and more efficient.

Celeroton‘s turbo compressor product range covers a large range of pressure ratios, pressure differences, mass flows and volume flows. The compressors can be operated at different inlet conditions, e.g. over or under pressure. Due to the contactless gas bearings a 100% oil- and lubricant-free compression of air, refrigerants and inert and noble gases, e.g. argon or helium, is possible. We are ready to calculate the characteristics of your specific application and provide you with an off-the-shelf or custom compressor solution.

Optimal performance of the compressor occurs when operated together with our converter range.

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Selection of right compressor

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Why should I decide on a compressor from Celeroton?

  • oil-free
  • contactless bearings
  • highly compact construction
  • efficiency up to 70 % (isentropic)
  • rare and inert gases
  • lowest weight
  • low material and energy use
  • customizations available

Overview Celeroton turbo compressor with gas bearings for noble or inert gases

CT-NG-2000.GB2,000 W  240,000 rpm 1.17118.5 g/s1Helium16.7 kgDatenblatt CT-17-700
TypeRated powerRated speedPressure ratioMass flowGasWeightDatasheet

1for Helium @ 1.013 bar abs., 20°C; other gases, inlet conditions, pressure ratios and mass flows on request

Overview Celeroton turbo compressor with gas bearings for air

TypeRated powerRated speedPressure ratioMass flowIsentropic overall efficiencyWeightDatasheet
CT-17-700.GB700 W280,000 rpm1.6517 g/s58 %1.5 kgDatenblatt CT-17-700
CTi-17-700.GB700 W280,000 rpm1.6515 g/s55 %2 kgDatenblatt CT-17-700
CT-17-1000.GB1,000 W280,000 rpm1.6524 g/s59 %1.5 kg

Datenblatt CT-17-1000

CTi-17-1000.GB1,000 W280,000 rpm1.6521 g/s59 %2 kg

Datenblatt CT-17-1000

CT-25-10000.GB7,000 W150,000 rpm2.190 g/s64 %10 kg

Datenblatt CT-17-1000

CT-22-12000.GB12,000 W150,000 rpm2.1140 g/s65 %10 kg

Datenblatt CT-17-1000


Further information on Celeroton’s turbo compressors with gas bearings can be found in the product brochure.

Overview Celeroton turbo compressor with ball bearings

Type Rated power Rated speed Pressure-
Mass-flow Isentropic overall efficiencyWeight Datasheet
CT-15-150 70 W 300,000 rpm 1.3 5 g/s 63 %110 g Datasheet CT-15-150
CT-17-700 700 W 280,000 rpm 1.7 16 g/s 63 %600 g Datasheet CT-17-700
1,000 W
280,000 rpm 1.68 25 g/s 64 %600 g Datasheet CT-17-1000
CT-14-1000 1,000 W 200,000 rpm 1.43 55 g/s 66 %700 gDatasheet CT-14-1000
Compressor Overview