Benefits of our converters

  • Sensorless control for highly dynamic speed adjustment
  • Minimal losses in the converter, turbo compressor and motor
  • Highest power density
  • Gas bearing diagnostics and fuel cell functions
  • Custom adaptations possible

All our converters allow sensorless control of turbo compressors and motors up to the highest speeds. The solution from one single source guarantees optimal compatibility of the converters and the turbo compressors and motors, thus minimizing losses in the turbo compressor or motor and ensuring high converter efficiency and a smooth startup process.

Matching the modulation and control to our own motors and turbo compressors, your permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) or your brushless DC motor (BLDC) guarantees maximum performance in the converter and minimal losses in the motor, especially in the rotor. The proprietary sensorless control strategies enable speed control without encoders or Hall sensors. The converter software makes it possible to diagnose the compressor and monitor the condition of the gas bearing as well as providing various application-specific functions, such as startup procedures for fuel cell systems.

Frequency converters

TypeOutput powerControl rangeInput voltageOutput voltageWeightDatasheet.step File
CC-230-35003,500W0 - 500,000 rpm110 - 230 VAC0 - 360 V4.5 kgCeleroton_Converter_CC-230-3500-step-file


TypeOutput powerControl rangeInput voltageOutput voltageWeightDatasheet.step File
CC-75-500500 W0 - 1,000,000 rpm24 - 75 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin1 kg
CC-100-10001,000 W0 - 500,000 rpm24 - 100 VDC0 - 0.93 Uin280 g
CC-120-10001,000 W0 - 500,000 rpm40 - 120 VDC0 - 100 V1.4 kg
CC-550-75007,5 kW0 - 300,000 rpm100 - 550 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin
max 460 V
5.4 kg
CC-400-1200012 kW0 - 180,000 rpm200 - 420 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin12 kg
CC-410-25002,500 W0 - 300,000 rpm360 - 410 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin3.5 kg
CC-20008 kW0 - 300,000 rpm100 - 550 VDC0 - 0.95 UHV
max. 460 V
5.5 kg
CC-300021 kW0 -130,000 rpm120 - 500 VDC0 - 650 V15.8 kg
CC-300121 kW0 -130,000 rpm400 - 800 VDC0 - 650 V15.8 kg


With all of our converter products we provide for free our user-friendly control software “CelerotonPilot”. CelerotonPilot is currently available for Windows® 10, 8 and 7 operating systems. You can download the software via this link.