Development Process

Following our process we lead you through the realization of customized converters, compressors and motors.

Development Process

First Contact

The customer brings their innovative idea to Celeroton. The first discussion determines if the application objectives can be achieved.

Which markets are in focus? What is the expected number of units produced? How price sensitive is the application? What is the best technical solution? The more open questions we have allows us more freedom to develop creative solutions.

Feasibility Study

Celeroton‘s drive systems are high-tech and achieve extraordinary results. Nevertheless, at the beginning of each project, the question of feasibility is raised. There are two possible ways to cover your desired specifications, either:

  • Using a standard product from Celeroton (if needed with minor changes).
    In this case Celeroton recommends an appropriate standard product and assists the customer with the implementation. The process stops here.
  • Customized development based on the knowhow of Celeroton. The next step is approximate design of your system.

Preliminary Design

When the feasibility assessment shows that custom developed system is possible, then the specification, together with the customer, is completed and the basic calculations are made. These calculations provide the answer to whether the project is technically feasible and provides an estimate of the size, weight, power rating and efficiency of the system. This approach is used for converters, motors and turbo compressors.
Based on these calculations and the production quantity, the business feasibility can be assessed with the customer.
The end of the approximate design phase is the decision point for a “Go” or “No Go” for project continuation.

Detailed Design (virtual prototyping)

The detailed design phase creates the complete electrical and mechanical model of the system. This includes, depending on the project type and system complexity:

  • Rotor dynamics
  • Strength analysis
  • 1D and 2D thermodynamic design
  • Motor optimization
  • Bearing design
  • FE- and CFD-simulations
  • Circuit simulation
  • Electronic schematic and PCB layout
  • Loss calculation and thermal design
  • CAD of the complete system and creation of the production documentation

Our thermodynamic, electrical and mechanical specialists work closely together. This combination of know-how makes it possible to design the optimal high-speed motor drives system or turbo compressor.

Prototype Realization

After approval by the customer, the first prototype is completed. After manufacturing, assembly and commissioning an extensive number of tests are completed to verify the design.
After the prototype is delivered to the customer on-site testing takes place. When the prototype passes these tests successfully, then the design is ready to be optimized for series production. When the customer requests changes, a further iteration of the approximate and detail design phases are carried out.

Series Production

Planning of the series production by Celeroton occurs after the successful completion of the prototype phase. The prototype is then optimized based on the anticipated production quantity and the required production costs. The ramp up of production is then planned with the customer.