Advantages of our motors

  • Highest power density
  • Highest rotational speed
  • Highest efficiency
  • Low volume and weight

Thanks to their high rotational speeds, our motors enable high performance at the smallest volume and weight. This is enabled by rotor designs, windings, materials and proprietary design tools specifically optimized for highest rotational speeds.

The specific rotor design allows maximum mechanical loads and thus permits high speeds. The motor is completed with a stator winding (air gap or slotted), which is perfectly adapted to speed and torque requirements, and a corresponding back iron. The proprietary motor design and optimization tool ensures maximum performance despite the high speeds, with efficiencies often even higher than in low-frequency motors. This leads to a low heat generation in the rotor and stator. Depending on the application and environmental conditions, the motors can be equipped with Celeroton gas or magnetic bearing technology or, where preferable, with ball bearings.

Our motors achieve their best performance in combination with the Celeroton converter products.

Overview Motors

TypeRated power
(with cooling)
Rated speed
(with cooling)
LengthWeightBearing typeDatasheet.step File
CM-2-500100 W500,000 rpm22 mm28.5 mm36 gBall
CM-25-280730 W

(1,000 W)
250,000 rpm

(280,000 rpm)
46 mm58.5 mm380 gBall
CM-95-2502,500 W250,000 rpm70 mm112.5 mm1 kgBall