Control systems and software

The control software is the brain and safety guard of the entire compressor system: communication with the user, control of the power electronics, the motor and the compressor – and protecting it all through monitoring and diagnostics.

Two-stage voltage source inverter

The software, also known as firmware in embedded systems, directly controls the power electronics, usually with basic current controllers, speed controllers and modulation schemes. However, it also indirectly controls and monitors the entire electrically driven gas-bearing turbo compressor system via the power electronics and sensors. In addition, it sometimes even has application-specific features. These include monitoring the condition of the gas bearing, detecting faults, protecting the system – e.g. by keeping the aerodynamic operating point away from surge – and start-up procedures for the turbo compressor itself or even for the application the turbo compressor is connected to, such as starting a fuel cell from a battery.

A specific control feature is the sensorless control. For a field-oriented speed control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) and brushless DC  (BLDC) motors, the angular position of the rotor magnetic field must be known. Where Hall sensors or encoders are normally used, Celeroton’s sensorless technology eliminates the need for sensors in the motor. This has many advantages. It reduces the number of connection cables and plug contacts. Mechanical stability and rotor dynamics are also improved – and in turn increases the maximum speed limit, as the angle position sensor does not require additional discs or magnets. As the sensor reduces the presence of failure-prone components, the reliability of the overall system also increases.

Which control method for which drive? At Celeroton, we tailor sensorless speed control to your drive. Depending on your specifications and area of application, we offer the following two options for using Celeroton’s sensorless technology: operation with a Celeroton converter or integration into your electronics with according licensing.

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