Application example: Towards optical switches based on high-speed magnetic bearing motor CM-AMB-400

06. February 2018

A number of emerging applications ask for a dramatically improved performance of femtosecond laser systems concerning pulse energy. Due to limitations in the amplifier medium, further improvements within the laser source are increasingly challenging. Stacking of multiple amplified pulses via methods such as Stack-and-Dump seems to be a possible solution. To extract these high-energy pulses, a fast, efficient, minimal-invasive switch is necessary. State of the art switches make use of electro-optic or acousto-optic effects but their transmissive nature limits the achievable energy due to nonlinear effects or overheating. Finding a suitable switch remains a puzzling task and only recently a promising new approach employing small fast rotating mirrors as a dumping device in order to extract energy from the cavity was theoretically proposed and thoroughly described. Such fast rotating mirrors could be driven by the magnetic bearing motors such as the CM-AMB-400. As first step towards such an optical switch based on the CM-AMB-400, measurements of velocity and pointing stability have been undertaken and are outlined in the following article.

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Energy saving potential with oil-free turbo compressors in fuel cell systems

06. November 2017

Due to their compact design and high efficiency, oil-free electrical turbo compressors are ideally suited for mobile fuel cell systems, e.g. in vehicles and thus have great energy saving potential compared to standard compressors. This article presents a comparison with other compressor technologies and the potential for improvement in converter topology.

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Model-based control of an electrical compressor to increase low-end torque and its impact to fulfil “real drive emissions” of diesel engines

03. November 2017

Additional electrical compressors have long been considered to enhance response behavior of engines. In combination with appropriate software and motor parametrization, an additional compressor can also reduce pollutant emission. Robert Bosch GmbH works on the development of the required software and components for the use of an electrical turbo compressor for diesel engines. Bosch has successfully tested, combined with the respective control, the Celeroton turbo compressor CT-14-1000 in a diesel motor test rig.

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Application examples of the magnetic bearing CM-AMB-400 motor for optical applications

27. June 2017

High speed rotating elements, such as disc shaped rotors crossing a beam, infrared and x-Ray-choppers; diffusor-discs in interferometers; mirrors in high-speed cameras or laser systems, are used to deflect a beam. The modular assembly of the magnetic bearing motor CM-AMB-400 allows the use of an application specific rotor. The concept of the magnetic bearing motor is such that a beam can be guided in radial or axial direction to the rotor to be deflected or chopped by the rotation.

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Turbo compressors for fuel cell vehicles

20. September 2016

The Swiss fuel cell company Swiss Hydrogen is already using the Celeroton oil-free air bearing turbo compressor CT-17.1000.GB with converter CC-120-1000 for the air supply of a 10kW fuel cell range extender in a Fiat 500.

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Celeroton oil-free compressor CT-17-1000.GB in a maritime fuel cell application

Michelin Recherche et Technique beside other project partners is a technology provider for alternative propelled boats. ...

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New 5 kW fuel cell converter

Back to Basics: Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with a new 5 kW power class.

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