Design, commissioning and testing of gas bearing turbo compressors with gases other than air

20. September 2016

Oil-free turbo compressors with gas bearings are not only used for the compression of air with 1 bar ambient pressure, but also for other pressure levels or refrigerants.

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Direct drive for dental/medical hand pieces and micro-machining

18. July 2016

To machine very small work pieces (micro-machining) or for ergonomic reasons in dental and medical drills, the head of the machining spindle or the hand piece has a limited size. The electrical motor is only allowed to grow in one lateral direction if a direct drive is used.

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Is an ultra-high-speed turbo compressor the right compressor for your application?

21. March 2016

"The technical application is defined, the pressure rise and the mass flow are determined, but which compressor type is the right one for this application?"

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Product & technology overview of Celeroton

24. February 2016

Speed, torque, power, mass flow, volume flow, pressure ratio or pressure difference - absolute or relative? These are just some basic specifications of an ultra-high-speed motor or turbo compressor. To clearly display our product portfolio and to facilitate the selection, we have developed the two figures shown below. They depict our available products and their operating ranges, as well as the scope of our technology.

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Comparison of converter topologies and modulation schemes for high-speed motors

09. November 2015

The 2-level converter topology in combination with pulse width modulation (PWM) is the standard converter for rotational speeds up to several thousand revolutions per minute (rpm). When the application needs rotational speeds up to several hundred thousand rpm or has extreme motor efficiency requirements then other converter topologies and modulations schemes must be considered. Normally pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) is the optimal choice. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two modulation schemes? Here is a guide to help in making the best selection.

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Celeroton oil-free compressor CT-17-1000.GB in a maritime fuel cell application

Michelin Recherche et Technique beside other project partners is a technology provider for alternative propelled boats. ...

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New 5 kW fuel cell converter

Back to Basics: Celeroton extends its fuel cell converter portfolio with a new 5 kW power class.

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