Product Launch CT-13-1000

10. September 2013

With the new CT-13-1000 Celeroton enlarges its product range with the first diagonal turbo compressor. What are the benefits of the new model?

In many applications neither a blower (insufficient pressure) nor a radial turbo compressor (insufficient mass/volume flow) can comply with all the requirements. So far, these applications have demanded blowers with large impellers and cross-sectional areas. Celeroton now launches a diagonal turbo compressor that delivers the required output with a fraction of the volume and weight of existing solutions.

CT-13-1000The new diagonal turbo compressor CT-13-1000 combines the advantages of axial (high volume flow) and radial turbo machines (high pressure ratio). The combination of these two attributes together with the high-rotational-speed-technology leads to a blower with new, all-time minimum volume and weight values – until now, comparable pressure and volume flows could only be reached with blowers of at least 10 times the volume of the CT-13-1000. Furthermore, its isentropic efficiency reaches a very high 74 % due to integrated optimization of thermodynamics and the electrical motor. In combination with one of Celeroton’s standard or customized converters the CT-13-1000 delivers its full potential.

Key data of the CT-13-1000
Rated power1,000 W
Rated speed200,000 rpm
Max. pressure ratio1.3
Max. mass flow55 g/s
Weight500 g

For further information please have a look at the datasheet CT-13-1000 or contact us via infocelerotoncom.

Potential application areas of the new compressor are:

• Overcoming of pressure declines caused by air filters, tubes and valves
• Ventilation of fuel cells
• Suction extractor units

Do you want to test the CT-13-1000 in your company? Please contact us as we are happy to personally give you advice.

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