Benefits of our turbo compressors

  • Oil-free, contact-free bearing
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Highest performance and efficiency
  • Suitable for air, noble and inert gases and many other gases
  • Gas-tight and pressure-proof design

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors with contact-free and oil-free gas bearings enable outstanding solutions in terms of compactness, service life and performance. Compared to compressors with standard speeds, our systems are significantly lighter and smaller as well as highly efficient.

The Celeroton range of turbo compressor products covers a wide spectrum of pressure ratios, pressure differences, mass flows and volume flows. The turbo compressors can be operated with a wide range of fluids and used for different inlet conditions, e.g. overpressure or underpressure. The contact-free gas bearing makes it possible to achieve a fully lubricant and oil-free compression of air, refrigerants, inert and noble gases, e.g. argon or helium. We are happy to calculate the characteristics for your specific application and offer you a standard or custom solution. Turbo compressors combined with our range of converters achieve optimum results.

Turbo compressors with gas bearings for noble or inert gases

TypeRated powerRated speedPressure ratioMass flowGasWeightDatasheet.step File
CT-1050-He2,000 W232,000 rpm1.1133.0 g/s1Helium14.6 kg
CT-1051-He550 W235,000 rpm1.1219.0 g/s1Helium14.6 kg
CT-1053-Ne2,000 W220,000 rpm1.75125.0 g/s1Neon14.6 kg

1 other gases, inlet conditions, pressure ratios and mass flows on request

Turbo compressors with gas bearings for air

TypeRated powerRated speedPressure ratioMass flowIsentropic overall efficiencyWeight Datasheet.step File
CT-17-700.GB700 W280,000 rpm1.6517 g/s58 %1.5 kg
Turbo Kompressor für Gaslagerung mit LuftCTi-10001,000 W280,000 rpm1.6515 g/s55 %2 kg
CT-17-1000.GB1,000 W280,000 rpm1.6524 g/s59 %1.5 kg
Turbo Kompressor für Gaslagerung mit LuftCTi-10011,200 W280,000 rpm1.6521 g/s59 %2 kg
CT-25-10000.GB7 kW150,000 rpm2.190 g/s64 %8.8 kg
CT-22-12000.GB12 kW150,000 rpm2.1140 g/s65 %10 kg
CT-20008 kW170,000 rpm2.290 g/s65 %6.3 kg
CT-300019 kW130,000 rpm2.6155 g/s65 %18.5 kg
CT-300121 kW130,000 rpm2.7210 g/s69 %18.5 kg

Turbo compressors with ball bearings

TypeRated powerRated speedPressure ratioMass flowIsentropic overall efficiencyWeightDatasheet.step File
CT-15-15070 W300,000 rpm1.35 g/s63 %110 g
CT-17-700700 W280,000 rpm1.716 g/s63 %600 g
CT-17-10001,000 W280,000 rpm1.6825 g/s64 %600 g
CT-14-10001,000 W200,000 rpm1.4355 g/s66 %700 g

Specific gas, pressure ratio or electrical interface?